Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Urban Dictionary Meaning of Wadge

1.  Wadge.

a great mass
i looked above me and saw a great wadge of rock jutting out...

2.  Wadge.

Female bits
I like the wadge

3.  Wadge.

a small loosely compacted mass of material
Put a wadge of spinach (or bubble and squeak) on my plate.

4.  Wadge.

Cramped, lacking in space. Invented as a short slang used among members of the Yakabakakas Massive to avoid sounding posh when talking about lack of space.
It's pretty wadge in here isn't it?

5.  Wadge.

A guys junk. As opposed to the female vag.
Oi mate, don't make me get my wadge out.